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I’m a web designer and developer

  • Metasalary


    MetaSalary is a startup SaaS solution to help users find their “true market value.” MetaSalary uses anonymous granular data points to create an accurate profile for salary trends across the United States.  Using these trends, users are assisted in making the tough economic decisions life presents.  yourthinkbox has rolled out a comprehensive SEO campaign to help […]

  • Broadvox


    At broadvox I oversaw our creative team and help with marketing activity by focusing my eyes on internet marking including SEO, Paid Search, and Social. Our immediate SEO goals are ever changing as our product suite molds and shifts but we continue to see big SEO wins over our competitors including Cisco, Verizon, and Microsoft […]

  • Study Island

    Study Island

    Study Island  a leading academic software provider of standards-based assessment, instruction, and test preparation e-learning programs. With over 11 million students, Study Island is one of the highest traffic website in the United States.  Outstanding SEO and PPC techniques help teachers and administrators find state level testing information efficiently to help their students success.