Do you need to manage Bugs and Issues for your website? 

In today’s world, websites need to constant add features and usability for the end user.  These updates undoubtedly create bugs and issues that must be addressed during and after development.  Sometimes, by implementing a new feature, coders inadvertently break another part of the website.  Without some form of monitoring these bugs and issues can go untracked – causing more damage and higher development costs for the company. 

To avoid these issues, many companies are turning to a fairly new concept – Bug & Issue tracking software.  I have been lucky enough to work with a few different Bug tracking products, but recently I have come across one that particularly caught my interest. 

The software is a web-based application called Sifter.  Sifter is “designed to be a bug and issue tracker for designers and non-technical people. However, we’re pretty optimistic that technical people will like it too.” (Sifter Website)

Although it is still in beta, from my brief use of this great product, I can tell that this bug tracking software is going to set the standard in this industry.  By combining a simple layout and great usability, The folks at NextUpdate (creators of Sifter) have designed an amazing product that anyone can use.   


You can check out the Sifter application here.