Today is Google’s Searchology.  It’s a time when Google unveils all the new tools related to search.  Here are some notes I listened to during my brief time viewing the conference.  I focused on mobile as I believe this section of search is going to be the main area of expansion over the next few years. 

Mobile search is growing faster than PC search

This is obvious.  With the introduction of the iPhone, Android enabled phones, and expansion of blackberry.  mobile search is growing faster than ever.  I completely agree with Google regarding this and I am interested to see how google monetizes adwords within the mobile platforms.

Challenge of devices – hundreds w/ widely varying capabilities

Google has had a difficult time creating a mobile platform that works seamlessly among all different types of phones and carriers while working with the strengths and weaknesses of each Technology.

Mobile search is inherently local. 

Mobile search is going to continue growing as the locality of mobile search allows for location specific results – specifically with with restaurants and services.

People use mobile search because:

  • complete 
Google has worked tirelessly to implement all the features of Google Search that are available on the desktop into the mobile platforms.  This allows the end-user all the benefits of their normal search within the mobile platform
  • easy – effortless to search ann get answers
As with the Desktop, by making the services easy to use, the end-user will receiver relevant and pertinent information at any given time – even remotely.
  • local – knows where I am and acts as such
By implementing local search via GPS, searching by location is a powerful tool both for businesses and searchers as it allows users to find locations around them. 

mobile web and web are different but google wants to enable users to reach all aspects of each platform

***google is combining search query history from your desktop with your mobile environment.***

In the coming weeks, if you are logged into your google account on your desktop and mobile phone and enter a query on either, you can review your search history on your phone and visa verse.  The presenters used a plane flight number query as an example for this new service.  In my humble opinion, this is an amazing feature that is going to mend the gap between mobile phone and desktop connectivity even further.  The ability to seamlessly utilize both services together is an amazing concept and should be taken advantage of to the highest extent.


That’s about it on the notes i took for Searchology – Mobile.  If I think of anything else I will surely update you guys asap.