During the last year, a lot of businesses have been making cuts in all aspects of their respective operations.  For an online enterprise, Search Engine Optimization is one area that should not catch the ax of cost cutting and I will explain why.

During this period of Economic uncertainty, Big Businesses are taking sweeping cost cutting measures.  Companies like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Frito Lay, can afford to make these online marketing cut backs because of one thing – Brand Recognition. These Fortune 500 companies have created recognizable world wide brands.  Even if the company isn’t advertising, the products are advertising themselves.

Although there is uncertainty, this is the perfect time for smaller businesses to seize control of their online destiny.

With larger companies making cut backs – specifically in online marketing.  Small companies in every industry can take advantage of the downsizing and use combinations of optimization and search engine marketing to reach out to customers that were previously unattainable.  

In the words of Mark Cuban, “I want the risk and I want the gain.”  In all business, there will be risks.  Right now, while many people are hunkering down in this storm of uncertainty, those who are willing to take a chance to expand their business are likely to see success.  Yes, the opportunity for failure is present, but the fruit of victory tastes much more sweet.  

If you are in a business that can see increased revenue in these uncertain times by investing online marketing, you may want to take that risk… you could see a great reward.