rebranding any aspect of your company can be a tedious painful task.  Before undertaking the project of a rebrand, make sure the exercise is worth the investment – short term and long term.

There are many reasons a company would start to consider a rebranding initiative including but not limited to –

  • The product or company name could be weak within the vertical
  • The scope of the company product offering may have changed
  • The target customer base may have shifted
  • Merger & Acquisition activity could change business practices
  • Copyright, Regulatory, or Legal issues
Some of these reasons are vital and necessary for rebranding activity to take place, but before pursuing the large project make sure the end result will be a stronger unified product, brand, message, etc.
Often times, the idea of rebranding a product or project can sound exciting, but excitement is not always a license to change aspects of the business that can affect all aspects of the business.
Almost all rebrands will have an influence on:
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Product / Engineering
  • Management
Rebranding typically is through a customer facing approach.  i.e. Customers will likely respond more favorably to our product or business if we have something new and fresh.  Remember that for the customer to see the rebranded copy all of the above organizations will need to have some input, as they will have to inevitably make changes within their ogranizations because of the activities.
  • Why are we rebranding the product or company?
  • How long do we expect the project to take?
  • What aspects of collateral, website, contract, advertising need to be updated during this process?
  • Is the investment it worth it?

At the end of the day the process of rebranding may or may not be right for your company at a given time.  The man hours, capital, and other investment to create a new brand, along with the investment lost on previous branding must be taken into account BEFORE your team starts spending time on the project.  Make sure you do thorough investigation on why you are rebranding and what the outcome can be.  If the culmination of your branding efforts result in a substandard new brand then the switch may be in vain.  and remember… The most important aspect of rebranding is insuring everyone in the organization is onboard.