Last night while watching TV a new google commercial started playing on the television.  I immediately sat my iPad down and gave my full attention.  In less than two minutes my girlfriend was in tears. The commercial titled “Dear Sophie” is an amazing and effective commercial about a father using Google Chrome and other google products to keep a journal for his daughter as she grows.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it tugged my tears a little bit.  After the commercial ended and my girlfriends tears subsided, I quickly grabbed my iPad and showed my girlfriend Google’s Super Bowl commercial titled “Parisian Love”.  The waterworks came flowing once again.

I haven’t seen this level of effective marketing in a very long time.  Nike usually puts out amazing ads, coca-cola is a close second.  Budweiser is consistent as well.  As a marketer, the effectiveness of the Google ads got me wondering… why are they so effective and how did they get my girlfriend to cry twice in less than five minutes?

It’s a simple answer.  Google has created an environment that translates easily to across race, sex, and religion.  Almost every person who uses the internet interacts with google in some way on a daily basis.  From Chrome, to, the new Plus 1, and Picasa, people can immediately relate to these commercials at a personal level – because they’re already doing everything Google shows in the ads… and that relates to the viewer.  Bravo.

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie