Here are a few quick pointers to remember when developing your individual html pages

1.  Meta Tags – Keep your Meta Description at or below 150 characters. 

Often times, SEO’s will frequently overload the meta descriptions with tons of keywords, phrases, etc.  This is detrimental for SEO success.  Keep Meta Descriptions as accurate as possible with the content on the website.  In essence, think of your Meta tags as the Table Of Contents for the rest of the page.

2.  Title Tags – Keep your Title Tag at or below 70 characters.

As with meta information, developers often times try and put too much information into the title.  Keep the title accurate and short.  SEO moz suggests using this title syntax – Keyword < Category | Web Title.  I have used this for multiple wordpress and other websites and agree that this is a fantastic way to properly title your websites.

3. Links – Minimize unique links per page

This is more controversial.  Some SEO’s are huge advocates of outbound linking as much as possible.  I am a fan of outbound linking, but try to limit it and spread out outbound linking between individual pages.  Also keep outbound links accurate and relevant and include a title in the anchor code.

That’s it for now! I plan on posting more of these in the near future.