I never thought I would say this… I am officially on the bandwagon to apple town. In full disclosure, I unknowingly started my journey to apple fandom 2 years ago when I purchase my first iPhone 3G. At the time I was completely blown away by the functionality this new device could offer.  I could download apps, play games, check my facebook, and drop calls…. oh and listen to my music.  Other than the network issues with ATT, I was in bliss.  The iPhone opened my world up with the ability to connect and interact with my friends at a whole new level.  I could now go to dinner with a group of buddies and completely ignore them while sitting at the table playing fieldrunners, angry birds, or flight control.  At first my friends would mock my disregard for companionship in public for my iPhone, but they soon would learn as they fell one by one into their addiction to the iPhone.  Soon we’d be a group of 4-8 people sitting at a bartop completely ignoring eachother while we engaged our devices to interact with friends not present.

The love affair with my new toy had begun.  For some reason, I found myself beginning to follow apple news and watching liveblogs from apple events on gizmodo and engadget.  I was excited about the 3GS, but decided to pass and wait for the iPhone 4.  As momentum and press built for the iPhone 4, I was completely hooked.  I followed the 4 leak story on a daily basis and was waiting for my chance to get my hand on the device that would redefine my redefined phone experience.    The 4 launched with mixed reviews from the antenna issues that “plagued” the iPhone 4.  I decided it would be in my best interest to wait a few months to see how the devices issues would play out.  Steve Jobs went on the TV and told everyone not to worry – good enough for me.  I had one problem… my phone was working fine.  There was no reason to upgrade.  A week before my 28th birthday (which would also be my first trip to vegas) I was in luck.  My phone magically stopped charging.  Instead of taking my 3G to one of the hundreds of “iPhone repair shops” popping up throughout the metroplex, I knew it was time for an upgrade.  Now, I was presented with a new issue.  Every single retailer was sold out.  For the first time in as long as I can remember I was without a phone.  For 5 days I was literally the most disconnected I had been since the late 90’s when I officially “cut the cord” and removed my landline permanently.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a difficult period.  The first two days were the worst.  Checking facebook 10+ times a day was interrupted.  Texting my girlfriend and other friends was impossible.  To talk to anyone required access to my girlfriends cellphone, which she gladly supplied in the evenings.

24 hours before my trip, I heard a rumor that a few Apple Stores in DFW received shipments of the iPhone 4.  My Girlfriends cousin had received hers, and I was destined to find mine.  My first and last stop was the Apple Store in Northpark Mall (the same location of Dez Bryants recent troubles.)  I could now take my trip reconnected to my friends, family, and facebook, all in HD. Needless to say, my trip was a blast.  My friends were all amazing, and I had the opportunity to record our misadventures in 720p.  I downloaded and remixed video and pictures from the trip on the fly with a new app called iMovie.  I felt like a regular J.J. Abrams at this point.  It was amazing uploading high-quality video and photos of my friends and I, all set to the beat of Kanye West, without sitting at the keyboard once.  Steve Jobs was definitely on to something.

Shortly after my trip, Starcraft II came out, instead of buying the iPad, I upgraded my computer and found my long lost love for the Blizzard RTS.  The fall remained calm and my satisfaction with the iPhone remained at an all-time high.  I had no qualms paying between .99 and 1.99 for apps on a weekly basis.  My library of games and entertainment on my mobile device was growing steadily.  Then, I started hearing rumblings for the iPad 2….

More to come shortly.