It is no surprise that social media is the future of online connectivity and advertising.  Businesses are trying to connect with customers and potential customers in unparalleled ways.  Right now, companies are jumping on the Facebook, Twiiter, Yelp, bandwagon in attempts to increase exposure and retention.  Recently, a colleague of mine saw a great ad at a local carwash encouraging customers to become fans of this company on facebook. The ad is actually a great ad.  It encourages customers to mobilize and connect with the company via facebook.  There is just one huge problem – why would a customer want to become a fan of this company?

In order to maximize this ad, the advertiser should have had some sort of value proposition.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  It could be a 20% off coupon or even some text saying monthly specials for facebook fans.  The point is, Customers need a reason to connect with the business.  Why would a customer waste their time to go home and become a fan of a company with no benefit for themselves?  I know I wouldn’t.  But for a promise of a discount, monthly specials, or some sort of other deal, I would be more likely to investigate this further. In the future, this company should have a value prop in their social media efforts.  They will see greater results. Guaranteed.