It was once thought that there were no laws in social media, that anything would due. Well, that is no longer the case. The Internet used to be a lot more open and easier to manage, but it has become more difficult than ever to gain any attention in the social media realm if you starting from scratch. There are most definitely laws and you must know them well in order to succeed.

Law #1: Know Thyself

The main problem with a lot of social media campaigns is that the people running them have not figured out who they are. They do not have a clear objective or a sense of what they are trying to do and who they want to do it for. It sounds really simple, which it is, but it does require some you to stop and think strategically. Sit down for a hour and write down who you are, describe your target audience, and exactly what your goal is in terms of the social media campaign.

Law #2: It’s All About Them, Not You

Social media marketing has nothing to do with you or what you want, at least in the beginning. Constantly posting about new products and services is the fastest way to turn off potential clients and ruin your reputation. No one on social media websites wants to be spammed, they want to here about things that matter to them. Before you start asking them to do anything for you, you need to do something for them whether it means having a giveaway on Twitter, answering questions on Facebook, or providing helpful tips and strategies about your field.

Law #3: Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is easier than ever because you can just go to their profiles and see who is following you. The thing is that you need to be aware of your primary audience is and act in ways that would encourage their support. Once you know who these people are, cater your strategy to fit them. Hang out where they would hang out online, talk about the things that they care about, and show them things that would be of interest to them.

Social media is truly not rocket science. The bottom line is that you need to know who you are, know your target audience, and give them something before you start asking for anything. In short, don’t expect to get a million followers on Twitter or Facebook without putting in the work upfront. If you break any of these laws, then your audience will either never appear and leave right before your eyes.

Ashley Bennett is a writer and marketing consultant. She has recently written a book entitled The 7 Laws of Social Media Marketing  that explains the other laws that govern social media marketing. You can read more about her at