It is no secret that SEO is a tricky business.  There are numerous intangibles when taking on projects that can include time commitment, technology commitment, and even client backlash and misunderstanding how changes can positively affect long-term SEO practices.  Beginner SEO’s are quick to accept almost any and all projects that come their way.  They are typically excited in their infancy and think they are ready to take on the world and build a name and brand through their successes.  As SEO’s grow and learn the landscape of internet marketing, many learn the ropes and are much more selective in client selection.

Sometimes saying no to an SEO job is better than taking a job you feel will be unsuccessful

The most difficult aspect of being an SEO is knowing when to decline a potentially lucrative contract.  For a lot of us, every dollar we earn helps the bottom line –  but the time investment, headaches, and potentially tarnished reputation can have longer lasting impact on earning potential than saying no to a shot term project.  This is especially true when working with clients who do not have a real understanding of how SEO works or what the endgame is on the project.  With that, you must ask yourself, Have expectations for this project been properly set?  More importantly, Can expectations even be set?

The main point im trying to make out of all of this is that SEO is an iterative process. It takes time, commitment, and a lot of A/B testing.  If your clients constantly question the recommendations you make to improve SEO, the website will never be successful.

In order to be successful as an SEO, you must work with the correct client.