Dallas Loves Moz! 

I’ve taken the personal responsibility to build a post with various reasons for the Moz Meetup to come to Dallas.  Besides the food, people, and great sports teams, Dallas is a great hub of technology and marketing.  (20 Fortune 500 companies are in the DFW Metroplex).  We are also a very strong center for SEO and PPC companies.  We need excuses to meet up and interact.



Here is a list of DFW companies that work with some amazing companies ranging from SMB’s to Fortune 500 Companies. (these are in no order and some great companies are probably left out)

Dallas is also home to some amazing communities that are already meeting and working together.  In Fact, Guy Kawasaki came in spoke to SMC Dallas recently!  We already have a ton of great people who like to meet up.  We would love to combine in a great forum and mozcation could be it!

Dallas is also home to some great gaming and entrepreneurial companies.  ID, Gearbox, the words with friends guys, and Shopsavvy all have a presence in dallas.  We also have a growing startup culture and have great educational resources in UTD, SMU, TCU, UTA, and other top universities.

Dallas is a fun city.  We have lots of culture, food and places to mingle including

  • Historic Deep Ellum
  • Stock Yard
  • Cowboys Stadium
  • Uptown Dallas
  • Addison

Dallas already lost out on something great this year. Deron Williams chose New  York over us.  Don’t let the Moz meetup make the same mistake… Mark Cuban would be even more sad 🙁

Continuing with basketball, we know you’re based in Seattle. That’s interesting.  We don’t like the OKC thunder either (only because they left seattle, promise..)

More Fun Facts for you to come to dallas.

  • We have had not one, but 2 TV Shows named after our city
  • We have a strong reddit community
  • We are centrally located for travel from houston, austin, okc, and other surrounding hubs, regionally and nationally

In conclusion,

Dallas is awesome.  We’d love to have you.  We’d be great hosts and show you a great time.

If you are from dallas and have more stuff to add, please contact me and I’ll update the site!