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Dallas SEO - Search Engine OptimizationI have been lucky to be a very active member in the SEO community locally in Dallas, Texas and across the United States for the last eleven years.  This expertise has broadened my scope and understanding of hyper local optimization for any size business.  If you would like advice on how to implement SEO strategy for your busineses, please contact me.

My main perspective for SEO is taking an iterative best-practices approach in every step of the SEO process.  As such, I have created numerous articles specifically for search engine optimization.

Retargeting and Marketing Automation For Beginners

One of the more difficult aspects of digital marketing is explaining how a process works to a client who doesn’t understand, or doesn’t have time to understand how the technology that helps convert new business works. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke At the end of this post, I […]

Dallas SEO Presentation

I’ve been busy with multiple engagements recently that have kept me from blogging.  My schedule has calmed quite a bit and I am ready to jumpstart my local advertising tips and techniques.  To start, I have attached my Dallas SEO presentation from a speaking engagement earlier this year. If you would like a copy to […]

Dallas Mozcation

Dallas Loves Moz!  I’ve taken the personal responsibility to build a post with various reasons for the Moz Meetup to come to Dallas.  Besides the food, people, and great sports teams, Dallas is a great hub of technology and marketing.  (20 Fortune 500 companies are in the DFW Metroplex).  We are also a very strong […]

Above The Fold is Dead

Having worked as an SEO for various companies over the last decade, there have been constant battles between IT departments, Creative teams, Marketing teams, and Management.  Everything is in constant flux and rarely does anyone agree on the changes that need to be made to a website.  This will probably never change, unless the top-down […]