While the “ink isn’t dry” on the facebook acquisition of gowalla, the deal looks to be complete.  Over the weekend I found out about this potential acquisition and was particularly excited to hear about it.  I started using gowalla a few years back and enjoyed the look and feel much more to the quickly growing and now much larger alternative foursquare.  Personally, the fad of mobile check in faded quickly.  Although I liked the idea of collecting badges and “ownership” of locations, I quickly found the ease of facebook’s check in system much easier.  I didnt have to rely on an API and the odds were pretty good that i’d be using facebook at some point during my visit anyway.  Facebook wasn’t a chore to “check-in” but it felt like foursquare or gowalla were.   Additionally, my affinity for Texas startups is also in play.  I’m glad to see something good happen for the small but growing startup community in Texas.  This is a big win and a big statement for our lonestar talent.

well, I take back my statement about this being a big win for Texas startups.  Gowalla is being purchased for the talent, not the product.  While I am happy for the individuals being folded into facebook it is very unfortunate that gowalla will be shut down in january 2012. 


I can only hope that facebook incorporates some of the spunk and design that gowalla has infused in their core.