Not Showing up on Google? try SEO for success

Would you like to generate more traffic for your website? of course you would! The problem is that most small businesses don’t know how to use the internet to drive traffic to their website.  Just because you have a web page doesn’t mean that people are going to look at it.  You have to use the web to direct traffic to your website.  This is where Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing become key.  

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a way to develop your website and content in a way that draws the search engine to it.  Using a combination of meta tags, key words, inbound and outbound links, websites can get the upperhand on their competition and boost through the ranks.  

Obviously, there is a little more to SEO than keywords, links, and meta tags, but with a little patience, anyone can take the necessary steps to move up the search engine ladder.  SEO doesn’t happen overnight.  it takes weeks and even months for the changes you make to actually blossom.  

Remember that SEO is a long process, like anything of value, you are typically not going to see results in just a day.  Take your time, do some research, acquire the tools necessary to boost your website to the top of google and yahoo!

Luckily, here at, we are experts at Search Engine Optimization.  Our team has over 5 years of experience in designing campaigns to encourage SEO growth.  Let us handle the hard work.  Please feel free to contact us for a free quote.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Tips, Tricks, & more – Part 1


SEO is all the rage. Search Engine Optimization is here to stay.  Dont get caught in the dark by some firm promising your SEO.  Here are some tips I have come up with –

1.  Relevant content is key –  This is the most important piece of any SEO.  Make sure all content you post on your blog, website, or anything else relevant.  If you are trying to make a website about “Bad Credit”  make sure you talk about bad credit. etc.  You can broaden your horizon a little, but for the most part, stay relevant.  

2.  Update Frequently –  Make sure you update your blog frequently.  This is important for multiple reasons.  First, The more you update your website, the more it will get ‘crawled’ by search engines.  For example, if Google crawls your website and finds updated content, it will check again sooner for new content than it would if you dont update.  The second reason for updating frequently is that it adds more content to your website to be crawled.  I will go into this more further down the list.

3.  Keywords –  Keywords are very important in SEO.  <– putting keywords in bold or italic also helps. Concentrate on placing keywords throughout your posts.  Another tip for key words is to put alternate versions of the keywords in your posts.  for example, (yourthinkbox,, your think box,thinkbox, think box) etc.  Break it up.  this will create more keywords that will be crawled.

4.  In bound links – In bound links at the end of the day help your website substantially.  The more websites that link to your website means your page is relevant.  Posting well organized posts will help you receive in bound links.  One side note on this… dont spam your website or join link exchanges that look or feel “shady”  Search Engines frequently have black lists.  If you join one of these lists, your site could very well join the black list.

5.  Out bound links – These are almost as important.  Having links out helps a lot, especially to other blogs.  This is the best way to build in bound and outbound links.  Find another blogger and help him or her out.  He or she will probably return the favor. 

That is it for now.. I will post 6-10 sometime later this week.  If you need help with SEO, shoot me an email.