Some Cosmic Inspiration For Your Day

We live in a hectic world with many distractions.  We often take our work home to our personal lives, and our personal lives back to work.  It is hard to completely compartmentalize aspects of our day.  Sometimes you need to just take a break and clear your mind.  I have decided to go against my normal SEO / Marketing blog and post a few videos that I watch when life becomes a little hectic.  These videos always seem to put things in perspective and sometimes even provide a little inspiration to jump back into whatever is going on.

The first video is a few comments from renowned scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson 



The second video is possibly the best known video of the three. Carl Sagan wrote “A Pale Blue Dot” around 1994. It provides some great insight into the scope of this planet we live on.


The final video for a little cosmic inspiration is Peter Mulvey performing “Vlad the Astrophysicist.”  It is a great little video that helps me reflect on life when things get a little too hectic

These videos can be a little melancholy, but I think if you take a few minutes and a couple deep breaths, these videos may help you realize that it truly is the little things that count.  Hug a loved one.